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Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Plan

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Cabinet Conclusion 1149/1996 (1 August, 1996), 649/2007 (2 August,2007), 497/2009, 498/2009 (18 May, 2009 ), 1151/2009 (24 September, 2009)

Authorised the National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP) for Saint Lucia



General | Policies | Guidelines | SOPs | National Plans | Sector Plans | Agreements | Documents




    1. NEMP Executive Summary

    2. Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy and Programme Framework

    3. Disaster Management Act No. 30 of 2006          [Replaces Act No 13 of 2000]

    4. Emergency Powers (Disasters) Act No. 5 of 1995     [Activated by Constitution]

    5. National Risk Register

    6. Other Relevant Laws

    7. Risk Management Benchmarking Tool [BTool]

    8. Saint Lucia Profile:  Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources




    1. Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis [DANA] Policy

    2. Disaster Management Policy Framework

    3. Donations and Importation of Relief Supplies

    4. Emergency Shelter Management

    5. Emergency Housing

    6. Governmental Officers Security of Travel Policy

    7. Hazard Mitigation

    8. Mass Fatality

    9. Strategic Platforms




    1. Engineering Guidelines for Incorporating Climate Change into the Determination of Wind Forces on Buildings and Other Structures

    2. Emergency Telecommunications Procedures Manual

    3. Guidelines for Debris Management in a Disaster

    4. Guidelines for SUMA Team

    5. Mass Crowd Events Guidelines

    6. Post Disaster Food Protection Guidelines

    7. Strategy on the Management of Used Oil

    8. Wind Speeds Guidelines




    1. Volume 1: SOP for the Agencies of the NEMO

    2. Volume 2: SOP for the National Emergency Operations Centre

    3. Volume 3: SOP for Conditions for Declaring a Disaster

    4. Volume 4: SOP for Systematic National Shutdown



    1. Civil Unrest

    2. Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis [DANA] Plan

    3. Earthquake Response Plan

    4. Emergency Response Plan for the Homeless

    5. Emergency Shelter Plan

    6. Evacuation Plans

    7. Flood Plan

    8. Hazard Mitigation Plan

    9. Hazardous Materials Response Plan

    10. Hurricane Plan

    11. Landslide Response Plan

    12. Medical Waste and Other Bio-Hazardous Wastes Management Plan

    13. National Influenza Plan

    14. National Mass Casualty Management Plan

    15. National Plan for Transportation in Disasters

    16. Relief Distribution Plan

    17. Response Plan for Extreme Heat Event

    18. Oil Spill Contingency Plan

    19. Search and Rescue

      1. Maritime Search and Rescue [SAR]

      2. Urban Search and Rescue Plan

    20. Stress Management Response Plan

    21. Telecommunications Plan

    22. Volcanic Eruption Response

    23. Water Management Plan for Drought Conditions
    24. Well Being Plan
    25. Wildfire Management Plan
    26. Model Plans



    1. Information Management in Disasters

    2. National Civil Aviation Security Programme

    3. National Communicable Disease Surveillance Manual

    4. The Ministry of External Affairs and Civil Aviation

    5. The Saint Lucia Hospitality Industry Crisis Management Plant





    1. Articles Establishing the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)    [replaces 1991 articles (CDERA)]

    2. Association of Caribbean States - Agreement to Create the Special Committee on Natural Disasters

    3. International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

    4. Memorandum of Understanding between International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and United Nations Office for the Coordination Of Humanitarian Affairs in regards to the International Federation assuming a Leading Role in Emergency Shelter in Natural Disasters

    5. St George's Declaration of Principals

    6. United National Convention on the Law of the Sea





              1.     CDEMA - CALL FOR PAPERS

                   2.    2011 Emergency Shelters List

              3.    Family Disaster Supplies Calendar

              4.    2010 Haiti Earthquake Jan 12, 2010 - Global Alliance for Disaster

                     Reduction with contributions from NEMO Secretariat 

              5.    Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Plan         




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