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Dr. Anthony signing after the Oath of Office
Dr. Anthony took the oath before Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy and in the presence of family and Labour Party colleagues

Thursday, December 06, 2001 – Dr. Kenny Anthony took his oath for a second term in office on Thursday after leading the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to victory at the December 3rd General Elections.  Dr. Anthony took the oath before Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy and in the presence of family and Labour Party colleagues.

During a short session with the local media Dr. Anthony expressed gratitude to the political parties for the peaceful campaign and political maturity demonstrated leading up to and on Election Day.

The Prime Minister told the media that he had had discussions with the leader of the United Workers Party Dr. Morella Joseph who complimented him and his party on their victory. The UWP won three of seventeen seats in parliament to the SLP’s fourteen.

Dr. Anthony said he told Dr. Joseph that he is looking forward to establishing good relations between both parties for the overall benefit of the country.

“I indicated to her, that I would like the opportunity, after the completion of the formalities to meet with her, to work out mechanisms to continue to work together to build a new Saint Lucia – a Saint Lucia free of the rancour, the hatred and the ill will of the past. I think the environment exists for this.”

Prime Minister Anthony speaking to the press
Prime Minister Anthony speaking with members of the press immediately following in his taking the oath of office

“I am aware that there are important messages that the electorate has delivered to the government and to the people of Saint Lucia. I don’t believe that these messages are solely for the Government or solely for the opposition. Many of us, who are engaged in the business of influencing opinions - providing information - need to consider very carefully what the electorate has said,” the “new” Prime Minister said.

In response to questions of the country’s economic future, Dr. Anthony noted that most of the countries of the Caribbean with the exception of Trinidad and Tobago are suffering severe contractions in their economies, with some already slipping into recession.  However, he added, while Saint Lucia is in a difficult situation, the economic signs are not discouraging.

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“We are in a difficult situation ourselves, but one of the very good thing is that this economy has shown remarkable resilience. It appears that banana production is rising steadily and that’s a good thing for us and the fall out from the tourism industry, though very, very significant, is not as severe as originally contemplated. So I think we are bearing up well, but at the same time we have to prepare the country for the next few months,” Prime Minister Anthony explained.

Dr. Anthony is expected to announce his new Cabinet in a special address to the nation, over the weekend.


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