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Election Night Address to the Nation by Dr. Kenny D. Anthony - December 3, 2001

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December 3, 2001 General Elections
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Prime Minister Anthony

Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

To God be the glory, great things he has done...

Fellow St. Lucians, today has been an important day in the history of St. Lucia.

The electorate of this country have re-elected the St. Lucia Labour Party with a resounding mandate to continue the work we started on your behalf since May 23, 1997.

We thank the Almighty for a completely incident-free election. We prayed for this as a nation and St. Lucians have shown great maturity and intelligence in making a choice in an atmosphere of calm assurance.

The world must now look on us with admiration as we have gone through an entire campaign without an act of intimidation or violence.

I congratulate those who have won and I salute those who participated. I urge the victors to be joyous but respectful. I urge the “losers” to continue in their ambitions for the highest level of representation in our fair land.

But, in a sense, Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only victors in this election, for I pledge a government that will make a difference in all of our lives.

We have been through a tough campaign. The country has spoken and now is the time for renewal. We must use this opportunity to renew our faith in St Lucia and the boundless opportunities that await our people.

I am deeply and humbly honoured. I know that I speak for each of our new parliamentary representatives when I sincerely thank our people for the strong mandate you have given us. This mandate is an inspiration to reach for the stars and to redefine political representation in accordance with the new realities of the world in which we live.

I pledge that there will be no let up in our continued fight to keep St Lucia stable and on a path of development that caters to all of our people. We have no desire for hubris or gloating. We are a party of action. We are a party of the future. We are a party of humble men and women pledging to give service to all.

We recognise that St. Lucia cannot grow or develop unless every single citizen feels that he or she is a part of our development and growth. We will leave no one behind. Nothing - not political affiliation, not class, not colour, nor creed - will limit your opportunities and possibilities with this new St. Lucia Labour Party administration.

I charge my team to set about the process of healing and national unity. This has been a short campaign which is now followed by the season of goodwill, heralded by the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Let us not prolong the political polarisation that focuses on symbols and party allegiances. Let us embrace, instead, the Christ’s message and his historic mission on this earth - peace and goodwill.

Let us embrace the values of tolerance and respect.

Let us love and care for each other.

Most of all, let us pray and work together as a people for a brighter and better future for our beloved country.

It is with pride and humility that I accept, on behalf of the St. Lucia Labour Party team which you have elected, the mandate to continue the process of building St. Lucia and meeting the needs of our people.

Fellow electors, I know this has been a short, but exhausting general election campaign. A day of rest and reflection is most needed!

Accordingly, I propose as my first item of business to declare tomorrow, Tuesday, December 04th a public holiday in this... the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Thanks again for your overwhelming vote of confidence.

May God bless us all.

Good night.


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