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Government to Focus on Social Infrastructure, Poverty Reduction and Education in First Part of 2002

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Governor General inspecting guard
Her Excellence the Governor General (centre) inspecting the Guard of Honour

Thursday, 03 January 2002 - In declaring the opening of the First Session of the Eighth Parliament, Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, expressed her government’s hope and expectation that the nation start out the New Year “with a strong sense of fresh beginnings.” She said that the past few months have been fraught with sudden change and growing uncertainty, yet St. Lucian’s have gone peacefully about the business of electing a new government.

In outlining the parliamentary agenda to the joint session of parliament Thursday evening, the Governor General revealed that government’s continued priority for the next three months would be in developing social infrastructure, poverty reduction and education.

Her Excellency said that the revival of the banana industry is a clear priority, and this should be brought about with the establishment of the Banana Recovery Unit early this year. According to her “The focus must be on meeting market quotas by ensuring the sustained supply of inputs to farmers, alongside technical and financial support to irrigate farmlands.”

The Governor General cautioned that economic and social benefits derived from governments actions at the national level would be short-lived, unless supported by a functioning CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). “The logic of the arguments supporting the creation of a single economic space, can no longer be ignored or denied,” she said. During the course of 2002, government is expected to focus more on its efforts on implementing the policies that will bring CSME into existence.

Governor General meets with re-elected Senate President and House Speaker
Her Excellency the Governor General (right) meets re-elected Senate President (left) and House Speaker (centre)

The Governor General also revealed that government will continue steadfast with the work already started in bringing about much needed law reform. Reform of the private sector she added would also be needed if the St. Lucia economy is to rebuild on a stronger foundation.

Preceding the opening of the first parliamentary session since the December 3, general elections, members to the House and Senate were sworn in, and took to oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen. The House of Assembly re-elected Mr. Matthew Vernon Roberts as the Honourable Speaker and Hon. Cecil Lay was elected Deputy Speaker.  The Senate re-elected Senator Hilford Deterville as the President of the Senate and Senator Theresa Romulus was elected Deputy President.

The Annual Estimates of Expenditure for the 2002/2003 Budget are set to be presented in March this year.


G.G. Says Revival of Banana Industry Tops Government Priority List

Throne Speech Delivered by the Governor General on the Occasion of the Opening of the Eighth Parliament


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