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New general hospital a model of efficiency says former hospital administrator

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Contact: Adhara King


Tuesday 13 September 2011 A former hospital administrator says the new General Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister, and former administrator of the Victoria Hospital, Egbert Andrew says the functionality of the Victoria Hospital is hampered fundamentally because of disjointed buildings.


However, he says, this is expected because the hospital was built in 1887 and necessary expansion has resulted in the creation of detached buildings, which do not lend to efficiency.


The new hospital, Andrew says, addresses all the elemental issues.


“The first thing that this hospital does is make it a lot more functional. The diagnostic services will be better, the curative services will be better. Provision is made for 3 operating theatres. In terms of diagnostics, and curative support everything will be better.”


The building is designed in the concept of a hand, Andrew says, with the main building representing the palm, and various wards and units perpendicular to the main corridor, reminiscent of fingers.


The basement will house pathology and mortuary services along with maintenance services.


On the ground or main floor, Andrew says, will be the Accident & Emergency Unit, Pharmacy, Physio and Dialysis, Administration, Children's Ward, Outpatient Clinic and General Diagnostics.


The first floor, there will be the Intensive Care Unit, Operating Theatres, Delivery Suite, Special Baby Care Unit, Antenatal Ward, and three general wards.

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