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Government launches united front against crime

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Thursday 29 September 2011 Criminals and supporters of illegal and deviant activities be warned – the United Against Crime (UAC) campaign has been activated.


Using an array of crime prevention initiatives United Against Crime (UAC) will combat the complex problem of crime from many angles including religious, social, law enforcement and legislative.


Home Affairs and National Security Minister Honourable Guy Mayers says, the campaign is a key component of the National Crime Fighting Policy and will place specific attention on positive youth engagement initiatives.


“We must remember that the children are the future of this country and we cannot allow them to be left in environment where they are left to their own devices or continuously exposed to the ills of the society. Since I assumed the role of Minister for National Security in June 2008, I have made a number of public appeals of bipartisan cooperation to deal with the issue of crime after all crime has no political colour.


“Despite the fact that my calls for a joint sitting of Parliament on crime has not materialised, my ministry will vigorously pursue the implementation of our National Crime Prevention Strategy, and the United Against Crime Campaign forms part of that strategy.”


United Against Crime (UAC) is a clear indication that government and the relevant authorities are prepared to cross beyond various boarders to effectively deal with crime.


In delivering a philosophical presentation at the campaign launch, Prime Minister Honourable Stephenson King lamented sustained success in the fight against crime can only be achieved through a united approached.


“With the help of all who live here my government is confident that we can restore Saint Lucia to the good old days, it is with this great pleasure and with limitless faith in our people that I invite everyone, every man, woman and child including our equally important friends in the Opposition, our children and students to support me in launching our United in Crime Campaign because either you are apart of the solution or you are apart of the problem.”


Social and moral decay is a major contributing factor to the crime situation.


Minister Mayers says through the UAC, programmes will be instituted to address the problems of social degradation and the breakdown of the family.


“The family is the foundation of the society, in any society the family plays a critical role in its development, this first support system for any citizen is viewed a paramount in the development of the individual. Family provide support for love ones ad are expected to cope and deal with the challenges that confront them, unfortunately this critical unit is under threat and if we do not move swiftly the family structure in Saint Lucia will totally breakdown, the extended family which was a feature of our society is slowly disintegrating, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles living in close proximity of and within the same households all contribute to raising and nurturing of a child and those of us who understand the role of family continue to see its important.”


Minister Mayers says government will continue to collaborate with the various agencies to address crime on all fronts in order to guarantee a safe environment for all citizens and visitors alike.


Regular updates and information on the United Against Crime Campaign can be accessed via on the website


Citizens are encouraged to get involved and join the fight to reduce crime on the island.

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