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DCA to enforce Engineers Act come November 14

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Contact:  Shannon Lebourne


Tuesday 13 September 2011 The Development Control Authority (DCA) has come in for high commendations from the Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia (APESL) Inc. for its decision to regularise the enforcement of the Engineers Act.


Effective 14th of November, 2011, all electrical plans are to be certified by a locally Registered engineer in accordance with the Engineers (Registration) Act, Chapter 13.10 Section 13.


Chief Physical Planner and Executive Secretary of the DCA, Marielle Henry Francis, says the move will streamline the process for approval while ensuring efficiency.


“In the past, and currently, the electrical plans had to be, submitted to the Ministry of Communications but there are some issues associated with that process. In order to streamline and expedite the process for considering major applications, the Development Control Authority has decided to make provisions to allow engineers who qualify to submit electrical applications to the DCA along with the other requirements that are already established. So effective November 14, 2011 developers are required to submit their electrical plans to the DCA without prior submission tot the Ministry of Communications.”


The Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia says the enforcement of the Engineers Act will allow the regularization of the other engineering professional disciplines.


Public Relations Manager Justin Sealy says the enforcement of the Engineers Act augers well for maintaining health and safety within the engineering profession.


“The Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia applauded the decision by the DCA because it enforces the law which has been on the books in 1985. The decision gives engineers more reason to want to be registered and to do the right thing and so we welcome the development because the Association has been working to get the law enforced primarily for health and safety reasons and also ahead of the negotiations for the mutual agreement between Cariforum and the EU.  These requirements have to be in place prior to the commencement of the negotiations.”


The Development Control Authority (DCA) will advertise the list of registered engineers in local newspapers and in the Saint Lucia Gazette.


The list will also be available from the DCA's Office located on the first floor of the Greaham Louisy Administrative Building on the Waterfront in Castries.

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