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CSA's secretary general hints at compromise during negotiations with government

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Contact:  Kerwin Xavier


Tuesday 20 September 2011 As negotiations between government and Public Sector Union commenced yesterday,   General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association CSA David Demacque feels the current economic climate presents a unique opportunity for collaboration between the two sides.  Notwithstanding, he indicated job security remains the union's top priority.   


“Perhaps we need to understand that salary increases are not the only means by which public service employees as consumers can really withstand the economic crunch. There are other ways    by which the government can really come side by side with the union and agree on certain situations that can happen with respect to the public service and public service workers as we go along.  So basically what we are seeking to do as we get into the negotiations with government is to really set the platform by which we can enter into dialogue so that we can see how best we could really come out of the negotiation with a win-win kind of a situation.”


 Within the context of regional and global challenges faced by Saint Lucia, the General Secretary cautioned public officers against complacency and wastage. 


“In light of the threats of the CSME, of the economic crunch from the international countries, and perhaps the difficulties or inability of small economies like ours to respond, the message that the CSA has for its members is to be productive at work.   During negotiations we have to really offer the government alternatives by which jobs can be saved.” 


Officially, negotiations for the new tri-anuum April 2010 – March 2013 commenced yesterday afternoon.

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