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Condition of mountainous regions in Saint Lucia cause for concern

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Contact:  Shannon Lebourne


Tuesday 27 September 2011 Minister for Communications and Works Honourable Guy Joseph says the recent inclement weather has provided more evidence of the bad state of Saint Lucia`s mountainous regions.


Minister Joseph says the country’s hills and mountains are still scarred and have not healed following the destruction of Hurricane Tomas. He says the full recovery of the forest areas will be a long process.


“If you look at the mountains, there are a lot of scars, trees have not been able to grow—in fact not even grass is growing in those areas.  When it rains heavily, a lot of silt washes down from these landslides ending up in the waterways.”


Minister Joseph says the situation creates several challenges to de-silting efforts because the silt levels accumulates as quickly as it is removed, particularly in the Bexon and Labayee areas.


“The logs and the trees that I saw in the Bexon river following recent rains have never been seen any time since the passage of Hurricane Tomas,” Joseph observed.


The logs and trees come from way up stream in the Barre d'Lisle area. De-silting is an ongoing process.


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