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Taiwanese agricultural product processing expert to provide technical assistance to St. Lucia

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Tuesday 3 May 2011 On April 29, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. Mr. Chang, Chau-hsiang, Chairman of the Taiwan Premium Agricultural Products Development Institute, and his delegation accompanied by Ambassador Tom Chou visited an agricultural product processing plant in Babonneau. They were greeted by the Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, Minister of Agriculture, government officials, and staff members of the factory.






The purpose of the visit was to provide Taiwan’s experience in the development of the agricultural processing industry. After a short tour, Mr. Chang told Minister Joseph that he was impressed by the workers whose talents and skills were able to create more than 40 different food processing products.


Joint Efforts in the Food Processing Industry

(From 2nd LeftAmbassador Tom Chou, Minister Ezechiel Joseph,

Mr. & Mrs. Chang, Chau-hsiang, President of Taiwan Premium

Agricultural Products Development Institute)


Nevertheless, he pointed out that since the resources are limited the factory should focus on three or four major products that have abundant and consistent supply of raw materials, which would make the products more competitive. As the quality of these products achieves the international standards, they will become popular souvenirs for foreign tourists.

Moreover, Mr. Chang suggested that St. Lucia should consider establishing an authentication system, such as the CAS (Certified Agricultural Standards) system in Taiwan, which would certify the quality, hygiene and safety of the products. Such a system would encourage farmers to produce high quality products and increase their income.



Minister Joseph expressed his appreciation to Mr. Chang for his advice and confirmed the value for St. Lucia of Taiwan’s experience in the development of the agricultural product processing industry. He hoped to send more staff members to Taiwan for training in this area. If everything went well, Minister Joseph added, the products of the factory would be exported to the neighbouring countries, such as Barbados, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago.



Ambassador Chou said that he had been impressed by the tremendous progress in agricultural development in St. Lucia during the last few years, and he was pleased that Taiwan was a part of these efforts. He also stressed that and the Embassy would like to work more closely with the government of St. Lucia for the economic and social development of this country.


The Taiwanese Delegation Visits the Food Processing Plant at Fond Assau

(From Right to Left: Mr. Kerde M. Severin, the Projects Coordinator, Minister Ezechiel Joseph,

Mr. Henry H. Lubin, the Manager, Jennifer Wang, Mrs. Chang, Chau-hsiang and Ambassador Tom Chou)

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