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Government committed to introuducing renewable energy projects

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Contact: Kerwin Xavier


Tuesday 17 May 2011 –  Government is moving ahead with plans to reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels for its energy needs.  Minister for Communications, Works, Transportation and Public Utilities, Honourable Guy Joseph says government will keep Saint Lucia's signed commitments of ensuring continued habitation of planet earth: 


“I'm very happy at this point in time with where the waste-to-energy project is going, especially in light of  the prices of fossil fuel on the world market. We see how unstable the prices are, how much it fluctuates, and how much it impacts our lives.  On the issue of carbon credits where we have very little or I would say nothing at all, we have signed on to some commitments where a certain percentage of  our energy should be renewal energy.”  



Minister Joseph revealed that the government recently held talks with persons who are interested in setting up waste-to-energy facilities here.   


“We had a group of persons visiting Saint Lucia because they are eager to move with the project because there are invitations to other countries to also look at their waste-to-energy projects in these other countries but we would really like Saint Lucia to be the flagship project in this region; I think we are the most advanced in terms of dealing with it and I am very  happy with the series of meetings that took place – I know that we are moving in the right direction with this waste-to-energy project.”   



Minister Joseph pledged his government's commitment to providing the enabling environment to cause the project and other renewal energy projects to take root in Saint Lucia.

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