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The late Sir Allan: a humble giant

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Contact:  Shannon Lebourne


Thursday 10 March 2011   A formidable statesman, the late Sir Allan Louisy was also considered as a true family man. 


Despite his commitment to his profession and the politics of the day, Sir Allan also maintained a very close relationship with his family and his native community of Laborie.


The grandson of the former Prime Minister Mr Kaiyo Ned told the GIS that family was always very important to Sir Allan Louisy.


“He was a true family man; though committed to his profession and service to the nation  he was always a great grandfather. We played dominoes frequently which he enjoyed.   Though most of our time was spent in Canada, he made us feel at home any time we were  in Saint Lucia.”


Sir Allan was also described by many as a man who walked among kings but maintained a great level of humility.


His Grandson says despite many achievements Sir Allan always never lost contact with the grass roots.


“He was a very simple man and very humble; he never tried to show his greatness to others. His simplicity—where he lived and how he behaved—hid his accomplishments.   He never tried to show off at all and always acted with the wellness and goodness  of others  in mind.”


In addition to being a true family man, the Late Sir Allan Louisy also enjoyed a game of dominoes as a past time.


Sir Allan leaves behind his daughter Mariella Louisy-Ned.

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