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Medical volunteers from Taiwan on tour of duty at St. Jude Hospital

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Contact: Taiwanese Embassy


Wednesday 30 March 2011 A delegation of 6 medical volunteers from Taiwan is scheduled to arrive in St. Lucia on Saturday, 26th March, 2011. In collaboration with staff of the St. Jude Hospital, these volunteers are going to provide excellent medical services for the southern part of this island.

This is the 6th delegation of medical volunteers sent by Changhua Christian Hospital of Taiwan to help St. Jude Hospital in the past two years. The group is composed of 4 doctors and 2 nurses led by Dr Lo. Their details are as follows:



Dr. Man chi LO

Team leader/Neurologist



Dr. Jau-Jie YOU

Colon and Rectal Surgery



Dr. Shun-Chang CHANG

Chinese Medicine Physician



Ms. Yu Hua LIN 

Operation Room Nurse



Ms. Hsiu Min LIN

Emergency Room Nurse



Ms. Pei-Hsiang CHEN

Laboratory Medical Technician



Dr. Nina Kao




St. Jude Hospital signed an Agreement of Twinning with the Changhua Christian Hospital on 8th July, 2009.  The Changhua Christian Hospital in central Taiwan is a 1600 beds medical centre and teaching hospital, employing over 3,800 people and receiving approximately 5,000 patient-visits daily. According to the Agreement, both medical institutions agree to undertake a comprehensive exchange of information on the health sector, provision of international volunteers and to facilitate the increase in knowledge of health care professionals through the conduct of seminars and professional training and exchanges of staff on the basis of equality and reciprocity.  Since then, the Changhua Christian Hospital has hosted three-month intensive training programmes for two groups of seven members of the medical, nursing and technical staff from St. Jude Hospital. All the mentioned programmes serve as essential measures for the capacity-building of St. Jude Hospital. 


Based on the same Agreement, the Changhua Christian Hospital has sent 5 delegations of medical volunteers to serve at St. Jude Hospital since 21st November 2009. Members of the five delegations returned to Taiwan with gratitude for the assistance and hospitality they had received from the staff of St. Jude Hospital in general and the working experiences they had acquired during their service which already broadened their vision and knowledge and would surely have tremendous impact on their future careers.

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