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Government apologises to robbery victims

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Contact:  Shannon Lebourne


Friday 11 March 2011 The Government and people of Saint Lucia would like to extend sincere apologies and wish speedy recovery to Mr. Todd Wiggins, Mr. Michael Baker and Mr. Nick Smith – victims of recent criminal activity while on vacation here.


The three gentlemen were recently vacationing on island when they were attacked at the villa were they were staying in Soufriere.


Minister for Tourism Senator the Hon. Allan Chasnetet says the attack on the visitors appeared to be perpetrated by individuals whose views do not reflect sentiments of the majority of law-abiding citizens. 


The Minister explained that Saint Lucia does not condone such acts of violence.  Whether or not this crime was motivated by anti-gay sentiment, or during the course of a robbery, it is nonetheless unacceptable behavior and Saint Lucia as a destination will not tolerate it.   Local law enforcement authorities are pursuing this matter relentlessly.


Saint Lucia has always been a safe destination, respectful of people’s own choices for religion, beliefs and perspectives on life.


The minister speaking on behalf or the government and people of Saint Lucia says the nation is indeed saddened by the experience of the visitors while in Saint Lucia  and while horrible crimes such as these can happen anywhere across the globe, we are deeply disappointed that it should have happened here.


The authorities, the minister said, will continue to provide updates on the police investigation.

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