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Heallth ministry launches health information system

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Contact:  Bynta Ernest


Tuesday, June 28, 2011 –   In keeping with government's commitment to the development of the health care system , the Ministry of Health  recently launched a health information system—essentially the compilation of medical data, that has been modified into an  electronic patient  health information system.


The National Health Management System Unit is responsible for the implementation.    The Unit has, and will be conducting a series of training sessions to educate healthcare personnel about their role in the functioning of the system.


“Thus far, we have already conducted training for over 120 healthcare professionals. The training is actually very focused and role-based. The roles are based on the actual functions that personnel are carrying out at the different facilities. Therefore we're concentrating on the primary healthcare sector, such as the doctors,” says Systems Analyst at the Health Management System Unit, Sheraline Monrose.

“We have already trained the district medical officers for the entire country, we have trained all pharmacists and right now we're training the different levels of nurses.”


Once the program has been implemented, a second on-site training session will commence to further assist healthcare professionals.


 The system will lead to the centralization of medical data and providing health care officials with easier access to patients’ medical histories, which in turn could lead to more efficient treatment.


 Patients will be able to register at participating facilities once the program is operational.

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