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Folk Research Centre sets eyes on establishing Harold Simmons Academy

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Contact:  Kerwin Xavier


Monday, June 13, 2011 – Saint Lucia's cultural preservation and perpetuation has taken on a new dimension for the management of the Folk Research Centre.    Executive Director of the FRC, Dr. Kentry Jn Pierre says presently the organization is engaged in advanced discussion and planning in the hope of establishing a Harold Simmons Folk Academy.


“Historically the Centre has gone out into the community conducting research which is its main mandate. The purpose of such research is to develop ourselves, our people,  our country.  But we have been doing things in a particular way for a long time now and it has become necessary to review and revise the way that we do things, to formalize it, to update it—that is what the Harold Simmons Folk Academy is all about.”   


According to Jn Pierre the proposed academy would allow the FRC to function as a resource facility for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of Saint Lucia's culture as well as assist the Centre's efforts in becoming more financially independent.


“We have people from all over the world making use of the resources available at the Centre.  So that if we have that academy it allows us  to have a more orderly manner of operation. As well,  it also allows us,  in a small  way, to  generate some level of income. Although that is really and truly not the main purpose of the academy, it is an important thing if we are to continue to function  as a Centre and as an academy.” 


It is hoped that the academy would be operational at the soonest.

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