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CDB approved financing for health ministry will improve Saint Lucia’s health care system

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Contact: Sherlana Ernest


Thursday, June 9, 2011 – An $EC 718 000  approved by the Caribbean Development Bank  CDB for  Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health is being described by health officials here as going a long way in benefiting the health needs of the entire nation.  It was in October that the Ministry of Health in dialogue with the CDB, sought procurement of a “Health Management Information Systems” SLUHIS and the implementation of a pilot programme in health.


Project Manager, CDB/ERP, for the Ministry of Health, Jacqueline Garnier says

the system has been in the pipeline since 2008 and after years of processing, the CDB      eventually approved.


“ Further, the Ministry of Health strategically decided that the funds intended to support the establishment of this system be better used through a joint effort, and decided to fund the various components of the roll out of the entire system and the CDB graciously approved.”


Chief Planner for the Ministry of Health, Xysta Edmunds, says the mandate of the health sector is to ensure that the nation has access to quality health care services.


“The health information system represents the core building block which provides the needed insight for decision making and policy development.

“More importantly, our continued efforts are expected to yield a sustainable information driven culture. We’re not only saying today that we have trained a few people, we’re saying we have set up a mechanism to allow us to train not only our health people but other persons in other sectors that interface with u. Health represents one area of that National health profile. And as we always say in health, we alone cannot achieve our goals.”


The Saint Lucia Health Information System (SLUHIS) is a comprehensive health information system designed to enable effective centralized management of Saint Lucia’s  health sector.

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