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Solution to Dengue Fever lies with our behaviour says health officer

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Contact: Adhara King


Thursday 27 January 2011  The Ministry of Health reminds all that we are still at risk for diseases such as dengue fever (transmitted by mosquitoes), leptospirosis (transmitted by rats and other infected mammals) flu related illnesses, and gastrointestinal illnesses, especially given the intermittent rains throughout what is normally our dry season.

Ministry officials  are currently investigating a possible case of dengue fever which led to the death of the person who may have contracted the disease. The definitive cause is yet to be confirmed by CAREC.

“The solution to the mosquito problem, especially dengue fever, is for people and communities to get involved. Because we know that the mosquito needs water to lay its eggs to survive. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is the vector for dengue fever prefers clear, non flowing water.”


Signs of dengue fever include, fever, joint pains, headache, pain behind the eyes, lower back pain, muscle pain and occasional vomiting.   Persons with any of those symptoms are asked to seek care at the nearest medical facility.

“It's not a vector that should be too difficult to control if we pay attention to what's happening on our premises. That is one of the things that's very important to know about Dengue Fever and the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. It lives and breeds in and around the household. It's a black and white mosquito with white bands around the legs. You can see it in the early evening time or during the late hours of the day, between 5 and 7.”


People can take action, Gabriel says, by preventing the breeding of mosquitoes in and around the home by using sand instead of water in flower vases, covering all drums and water receptacles, keeping surroundings free of plastics and containers which retain water and fixing damaged guttering which harbor water.


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