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Parents admonished to take greater responsibility for children

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Tuesday 11 January 2011  Greater emphasis on child care and supervision has been listed as one of the main priorities of the government of Saint Lucia for 2011.

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Honourable Lorenzo Rudolph “Doddy” Francis, says parents must ensure that they take better control of the lives of their children.


He says this is vital as the country strives to deal with the increase in crime.


“There are too many unsupervised and out-of-control kids on our streets—especially after hours.

“Parents will have to take greater responsibility for the well being, welfare and whereabouts of their children.  I am warning parents to ensure that they are aware of their children’s  whereabouts because they will ultimately be held  responsible.”


The Attorney General says his office is also working along with the Ministry of Education to enforce laws against the congregation of students in uniform after schools hours.


“That is another matter that is of a lot of concern to the Cabinet. There is an apparent acceleration of students congregating at the malls in the city. This is a hazard and it’s a breeding ground for young criminals.

“The proliferation of students gathering around the square, the Blue Coral Mall and now the Baywalk Mall is very distasteful and we will be regulating against this very early in 2011.”


The Attorney General says government remains deeply committed to the nation’s youth and will put in place the necessary safety nets to ensure that no child falls through the societal gaps.



Meantime the Attorney General has also announced government's plans for the development of a National Youth Centre.


The project, he says, is being spearheaded by a former senior magistrate, Florita Nicholas.


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