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Legislation to be strengthened in wake of upsurge in criminal activities

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Friday, January 7, 2011 –  As 2011 unfolds, the country has already recorded its second homicide.   Government though is vigorously enhancing a number of strategies and strengthening legislation aimed at curbing this violent social ill which threatened to cripple the island last year and has begun 2011 on a similar trend.   


Home Affairs and National Security, Minister, Hon. Guy Mayers speaking on his ministry’s agenda for crime revealed that  all aspects of the various legislations on crime will be reviewed.


“We will also be seeking to strengthen some of the laws. The law must give the police the competence to address and dismantle these gangs. We have stepped up our patrols, we have introduced activities leading up to the use of close circuit TV as both a deterrent and a means of crime detection.

“We have continued to expose our officers to training in law enforcement methods both here and overseas; we have procured additional resources to assist the police in the implementation of their crime fighting strategies. We have significantly increased the number of police officers. We have strengthened the management team of the police force. I am therefore very confident that along with the strengthening of our laws that will penalize violent crimes, the measures we are taking will bear fruit.”


Minister Mayers noted that crime cannot be easily eradicated and that the entire nation must be involved to get maximum results in the fight against crime.


“We have worked assiduously in my ministry to attain the heights of achievement to fight crime, but while we continue to implement certain projects, the global crime network has taught us that all our achievements and all of the resources that we put into fighting crime can disappear overnight if we do not continue as a country and as individuals to make the commitment to contribute towards the betterment of our young people and our families.”


The island’s borders have already been secured with two additional vessels added to the fleet of Marine Police Unit.

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