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Government will muster all resources to tackle crime says Minister Mayers

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Contact: Adhara King


Wednesday 12 January 2011  “Crime is a social problem that affects everyone in society, thus we all must contribute towards the fight.”  That sentiment is being echoed by the island's Home Affairs Minister.


“We have worked assiduously in my ministry to attain the heights of achievement to fight crime. But while we continue to implement certain projects, the global crime network has taught us that all our achievements and all the resources that we put into fighting crime can disappear overnight if we do not continue as a country and as individuals to make the commitment to contribute towards the betterment of our young people and our families.”


Minister Mayers says it is government's intention to forge a new alliance between the community, non governmental organizations and the police.


“This will enable us to put our country back into a state where we can all walk our streets freely without fear. However if we are going to take crime fighting to another level, then as citizens we must be prepared to deal decisively with the evolving gang culture and drugs that have taken over some of our communities.”


The minister says government is aggressively implementing all aspects of existing crime legislation, while strengthening laws to increase police empowerment.


In addition, patrols have been heightened and additional resources—including an increase in the number of police officers and the provision of specialised training—will help the police force achieve their mandate.


Meanwhile, Minister Mayers urges families, schools, churches and community groups to take their roles very seriously in moulding young minds and characters, to curb the problem of delinquency at its core.


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