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Choiseul residents to benefit from modern community resource centre

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Contact: Adhara King


Monday 24 January 2011  Residents of Mongouge in Choiseul will soon be the beneficiaries of an improved Community Resource Centre.


Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul/Saltibus Honourable Rufus Bousquet, says significant progress has been made in the transformation of a historical building in the area.


The existing site of the Mongouge centre was first constructed by the late JMD Bousquet as a wooden structure housing the former Mongouge Primary School.


“I can recall vividly attending many cultural events here—shows, and Christmas parties for children, etc. The Community really used the facility and it was a rather vibrant and active management committee that oversaw what was going on with that building. Unfortunately, we had some high winds during the period of a tropical depression and the wind blew off most of the roof of the building, and did a lot of damage to the library.”


Subsequent abandonment of the building, Bousquet says, triggered vandalism and persons began stealing materials left on the structure.


“The community was always crying for something to be done because vagrants had moved in.  So I made a commitment that we would do something about this, and we've worked very hard at it, with the help of the SSDF and others, we're now gradually developing this into the sort of building we want it to be. We've completed the library. ”


The redesigned structure, the MP says, will efficiently utilize the space available so as to maximize the variety of facilities at the disposal of residents.


These will include a learning centre, a space to host cultural events and fund-raisers, and a recreational centre to engage the youth.


Additionally, Bousquet says, he is exploring the option of incorporating a wood workshop in keeping with the artisan spirit that Choiseul is noted for.


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