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Restoring the island’s infrastructure

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Contact: Adhara King


Tuesday February 2nd - Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Honourable Guy Joseph says restoration of the island’s infrastructure compromised by Hurricane Tomas will remain a top priority for government well into 2011 and beyond.


Government's approach, Minister Joseph says, is to build infrastructure that can withstand disasters like Hurricane Tomas.   In the reconstruction of bridges in particular, Joseph says, the new structures are designed to accommodate a greater flow of water.


“The area in Mon Repos had a corrugated metal culvert which could only accommodate a certain volume of water. With the new box culvert that we are putting in there, it is definitely going to have more capacity, and we are hoping that- barring we get anything worse than Tomas- there should not be any major problem in this area. However, you know infrastructure only has a certain life span”


The Anse Galet bridge, the Minister says, has also been constructed with a box culvert.   . Work on that bridge is complete.


However, Joseph says, his ministry is awaiting the proper curing of the concrete before allowing the roadway to be motorable.    “We have so much work going on in the Mini/Dewash road which would create some access for the farmers. There are also a number of farm roads being undertaken under the Kuwaiti funded project, all of these projects are on stream and ongoing. We have also looked at the Ti Rocher/Geno road into Fond Canay, which is an area that we believe needs urgent attention”


The construction of retaining walls, and repair of the roadway on the Barre De L'Isle, Minister Joseph says, is also at the forefront.


The Minister says his ministry has prepared a detailed priority list to tackle the necessary work in an efficient manner.

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