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External Affairs Minister applauds assistance from diplomatic corps

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Contact:  Kerwin Xavier


Monday 21 February 2011 – Minister for External Affairs, International Trade and Investment, Hon. Rufus Bousquet in congratulating Saint Lucians on the occasion of the country's thirty-second anniversary of independence challenged citizens to make use of every opportunity provided by our diplomatic partners. 


“The persons who are here representing individual countries and organizations they have all shown a willingness to assist Saint Lucia," Bousquet noted.


The idea of assistance, against the backdrop of the country's 32nd anniversary of Independence, the minister says, must be seen as a process which is going to allow the country to take the bull by the horns and seize the opportunity to be able to do things for itself.


"Certainly, we can't at any point in time portray ourselves as mendicants who are simply coming to drink from the trough on a continuous basis.

"We must take every opportunity to ensure that we are given that seed of a beginnings, so that as a people we can grab these opportunities and do for ourselves what we have been waiting for others to do for us in the past; this is really what Independence is all about. I think there are many areas in which I have urged our people to begin to initiate that process."


The External Affairs minister noted that Saint Lucia has tremendous resources in terms of its fertile soil and its tranquillity and that it is relatively, a peaceful country. Against that reality he urges citizens to take advantage of the opportunities that exist and learn to make sacrifices to get where we want to within the next generation or two.


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