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CXC warns against illegal use of its publications

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Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) advises the public that it is the owner of copyright in its publications and the owner of several registered trademarks used on or in connection with such publications, including the following publications: syllabuses for all CXC examinations, past examination question papers and past paper booklets, specimen papers, Study Guides for CSEC and CAPE subjects and Subject/Schools Reports.


The trade marks registered and owned by the Council are the CXC logo, CXC, CSEC, CAPE, CCSLC, and CVQ.


CXC granted a licence to Macmillan Publishers which expired in November 2008 and granted to Ian Randle Publishers from September 2009, an exclusive licence to publish CXC material and to use certain CXC trade marks in connection with such publications.


Other specified publishers are granted permission to use the CXC trade marks (except the CXC logo) strictly in accordance with the usage guidelines established by CXC.  No other person or entity is authorized to print or publish, either in hard copy or electronically via the Internet or otherwise, CXC material or material bearing CXCs name or trademarks or to otherwise use the CXC trade marks.


Educational institutions that are licensed by the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY) are authorized to photocopy portions of CXC publications in such circumstances and within such limits as specified by the JAMCOPY licence or its Reprographic Rights Organization (RRO) partners.  However, no other person or entity is authorized to make, sell or distribute reprographic copies (including photocopies) or electronic copies of CXC publications and all such copies constitute infringing copies under copyright law.


CXC and its current exclusive licensee, Ian Randle Publishers, are proceeding with an anti-infringement campaign to halt the unauthorized copying, distribution and/or sale of infringing copies of CXC syllabuses and examination question papers.


All persons who continue to make, sell or distribute infringing copies of CXC publications will be in violation of the exclusive rights of CXC and Ian Randle Publishers. The law provides several penalties for such infringement including injunctive relief and punitive damages. To avoid legal action, all persons who are currently engaged in the unauthorized copying, sale and/or distribution of infringing copies of CXC material must cease such activity or face legal action.


Book sellers and members of the public are being asked to report any unauthorized copying, sale and/or distribution of infringing material to CXC offices via email at or or to CXCs exclusive licensee, Ian Randle Publishers, at 11 Cunningham Avenue, P O Box 686, Kingston 6, Jamaica, telephone: (876) 978-0739/45; fax: (876) 978-1156; or e-mail:


CXC thanks the public for its continuing support and remains committed to providing the highest quality educational material.


For further information, please contact Cleveland Sam, CXC Public Information Officer, at telephone number (246) 227 1892 or via e-mail at


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