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Valedictorian urges peers to think out of the circle to accomplish the extraordinary

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Contact:  Adhara King


Monday 5 December 2011 The Valedictory Address of the 25th Graduation exercise of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, was a refreshing take on the educational strides accomplished at the college.


Valedictorian Lena Taupier, of the Division of Arts, Sciences, and General Studies, says the journey through SALCC has echoed the fundamental saying that “A book should never be judged by its cover”.


Her address included light hearted remarks describing cherished memories of the school and its surroundings, including mention of nourishing guava trees present on the campus.


“The nostalgia will no doubt linger on for many years to come. My fellow graduates, here we are at the end of this path, and at the crossroads once again, where we have to make big decisions for our lives. If there's one thing I hope we can take with us as we say farewell to this institution, is our ability to alter our minds default settings. Our default settings seek to make us take the easiest, safest path. It is the setting that steers our mind into thinking in the normal, ordinary way.”


Ms Taupier says students have cultivated the ability to think critically, thereby successfully equipping themselves to personally alter default settings and rendering them capable of accomplishing the extraordinary.


“Today, we—the class of 2011—are celebrating our accomplishments and successes, our having moved up one step closer to our desired careers. We have made it, and a part of us will forever be inscribed in the DNA of SALCC, but on this victorious day, let us not forget all those who helped us fight the battles and became for us a compass in times that we got lost.”


Ms Taupier also thanked parents, friends, family, and school officials who provided support, and urged classmates to dare to challenge the impossible.


Ms. Taupier received rousing cheers and applause from her colleagues who keenly supported her throughout her speech.

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