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Saint Lucia joins the international community in observing the 30th

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Contact:  Shannon Lebourne


08 December 2011 World AIDS Day is the focal point of the World AIDS Campaign, which is active all year round. During the days and weeks leading up to World AIDS Day, there is often a lot of coverage of the condition in the media and fund-raising for AIDS and HIV-related charities.


In addition, health education campaigns aiming to reduce the transmission of HIV and discrimination of people living with HIV and AIDS are often launched on or around December 1.


On World AIDS Day, many community, national, and international leaders, issue proclamations on supporting and treating people living with HIV and AIDS and stimulating research into the treatment of these conditions.


Local communities may hold events to remember and honor members who have died of AIDS-related conditions or exhibitions around the subject. A particularly well-known example is the AIDS Memorial Quilt. This project allows friends or family members of a person who has died of AIDS to construct a quilt panel. The panels are then exhibited all over the United States.


The first observance of World AIDS Day was held on December 1, 1988, with the approval of then Director of the Global Programme on AIDS, Dr. Jonathan Mann.

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