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New Water Safety Plan For Dennery and Mabouya Valley

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Contact: Sherlana Ernest


Tuesday August 23, 2011 A new safety plan aimed at improving water supply and distribution for the communities of Dennery and the Mabouya Valley is soon to be implemented.   The programme is an initiative of the the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute CEHI.




According to CEHI’s Programme Director Dr. Christopher Cox, the water supply systems have not been upgraded over the years.    “As the population and community has grown in the Mabouya Valley particularly, the water systems have not been improved.     And as we all know, the water company is really challenged in raising resources to reinvest back into infrastructure upgrade. As a result the water supply systems have these inherent challenges in their operation and upkeep and maintenance.”


The CEHI official explains that this new water safety plan will seek to minimize hazards from the water supply areas within the water catchments.   “And then we look at minimizing hazards right through the water supply chain that is within the operation activities of the water supply companies, from treatments to disinfection, storage, distribution and so on. And then we deal with the household level, looking at trying to minimize the hazards that may occur with respect to contamination or recontamination to water in the household.”


To achieve that goal CEHI will host a series of workshops with WASCO officials, stakeholders and as well as members of the Dennery and Mabouya Valley.


According to CEHI Officials, the general goal of the workshops is to work with   Government Ministries and the private sector, and to develop a Water Safety Plan, using the World Health Organization approach as a guideline.


The upcoming workshop, scheduled for August 31st, includes a one day discussion and one day field trip, and aims to identify responsibilities, necessary actions, and key areas for water investment, as well as, to finalize the National Water Safety Plan.

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