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A Call for Increase Education and Sensitization on Climate Change

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Contact: Jacques Hinkson-Compton


Thursday 11 August 2011 The importance of educating the population on climate change is again being reiterated.   This time the call is coming from Saint Lucia’s Minister for Physical Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Local Government and the Environment, Honourable Richard Frederick.  


Minister Frederick spoke on his travels across the globe, attending several conferences on the subject on climate change. He was quoted as saying “One of the things I have always professed is the fact that I believe it’s my humble view that enough money does not find its way into education, because no matter how much research you do your research really does not make sense if it cannot lead to policy formulation."


As well as relaying the importance of education on climate change, Minister Frederick spoke on introducing various practices in everyday lives. Such practices include car pooling which would reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. He also spoke on the damage that ignorance of these environmental issues can have on the global climate at large. According to the Minister “a lot of us don't know that as a temperature rises so does the sea level. We know that most of our villages are located along the coast, should we be unfortunately greeted by a tsunami in our lifetime about ninety percent of our population can be wiped out with one strike of the sea.”


Minister Frederick urged Saint Lucians to keep abreast with information and educate themselves on the effects of climate change.

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