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National security minister endorses Roving Care Givers Programme

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Contact:  Adhara King


Wednesday 13 April 2011  Police are not the beginning and end to addressing the crime problem, so says Minister for Home Affairs and Internal Security, Senator the Honourable Guy Mayers, in endorsing the Roving Caregivers Programme designed to build stronger families and a stronger society.


“Once you have recognized that there is a fundamental problem with the breakdown of the family unit, if we don't fix it, no amount of policing will make us safe. That is why we support the Roving Caregivers Programme and that is why it is also a part of the crime-fighting strategy of the government of Saint Lucia.”


Tracing the backgrounds of Bordelais inmates, the minister revealed that there have been social issues stemming from childhood.


“We view crime as a social problem. Social interventions like the Roving Caregivers Programme will help us fix the problem in the long term. If we are going to deal with the problem, we need to deal with it at its roots. Putting a plaster on the sore is not going to fix the problem. Crime is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted approach. The Roving Caregivers Programme is one of the aspects of crime prevention that will help us fix the crime situation.”


The national crime situation is not beyond repair, Senator Mayers says, however the change will not happen overnight.

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