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George Charles Secondary arts and craft exhibition receives kudos

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Contact:  Kerwin Xavier


Thursday 7 April 2011 –Renowned Saint Lucian painter, Cedric George complimented the  students of the George Charles Secondary School on their work at the school's second biannual art exhibition.

“I have heard so much talk about our youth not being productive and that they are wasting their minds. I am quite impressed by what I have seen. There is so much variety. There is so much innovation here.”


Principal of the School Lera Pascal says the school's emphasis is on the total development of each student.  Hence the deliberate policy to encourage the development of non-academic skills. 


“When you go around and speak to the students they are very proud of their work;  they are very knowledgeable  about what they do and so  it builds their self esteem. It shows  that  they have self worth, that they can contribute  to national development, given that the development of the creative industries is now receiving attention. 

“So we are blazing the trail in that regard with our students because from what they do here they can move on with it to open their own businesses, provide for the local market,  be part of the tourist  product—there are so many things that can be done.”


Additionally, George Charles Secondary attempts to encourage the development of the arts within the school  system.   


“Since we have this abundance of talent and capability  in the arts—especially the visual arts—we try to reach out to the junior students and so the department of visual arts invites primary schools in the district to learn the rudiments of developing that skill.”   


The exhibition is open to members of the public at the Castries City Hall, from Wednesday April, 8, 2011.

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