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Tackling crime in Anse-La-Raye

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Law enforcement personnel have said they are committed to restoring law and order in the community of Anse-La-Raye.  The west coast community has been at the centre of several criminal and violent activities in the past three months which has resulted in the death of three residents and left several others nursing injuries.


Officer in charge of the Anse-La-Raye Police Station Sergeant Eldric Bernard said officers will do whatever is necessary to ensure that Anse-La-Raye returns to the peaceful community that it is known for.


“Our aim is to make Anse-La-Raye a safer place for residents, tourists and everyone who visits the community. We are committed to reducing crime and the fear of crime,” said a very confident Sergeant Bernard. “Officers will also intensify their stop and search missions and increase their mobile and street patrols.”


Sergeant Bernard said developing a closer relationship with the community is also part of a crime fighting plan, but said residents must also be committed to ensuring criminals have no safe haven in their community.


“Law enforcement in Anse-La-Raye is not an easy job, and people must understand that police officers cannot do it on their own; however, with the help of the public we can be successful. We are trying to build the bridge between the police and the community, and so far I believe that it is working because the amount of information we are getting from the public is helping us a lot,” he said.


Sergeant Bernard is also urging citizens to stay away from a life of crime and promises they will be dealt with with accordingly, if they transgress the laws of the land.

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