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Saint Lucia's Education System - Looking ahead

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris


Tuesday, September 01, 2009 – In an effort to enhancing the island's education system for the 2009/2010, academic year and beyond, a mass training of all primary school and lower secondary school teachers took place during the July./August holidays. The focus was on literacy, recognizing the effect of the efficiencies on literacy among students.


There has been a heavy focus on the strengthening, monitoring and supervision systems by training all principals and secondary school vice-principals. Additionally there has been a process of phasing in the Caribbean Vocational Qualification certified by CXC to provide additional areas of assessment of graduates.


Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Augusta Ifill emphasises that the Ministry has also undertaken greater monitoring of newly instituted forms of certification through the Elevation of Standard Skills for Inclusive Growth run by National Skills Development Centre.


“Further we have examined the curriculum to incorporate areas such as theatre arts, music and visual arts. This has been included on the priority list to provide training for teachers in those areas. This school year the challenge is improving on the quality. The Physical Education (PE) programme has been enhanced, with a new PE curriculum generated at the CARICOM level to begin in September 2009. This included training of PE teachers to deliver new structure PE curriculum from Kindergarten to CXC level.”


The Ministry is currently assessing the newly released “O” and “A” Level CXC examination results. There has been an increase in the overall percentage passes and an improvement in the quality of passes is also anticipated.


“We continue to deal with the expected challenges of Universal Secondary Education. The focus has now shifted from ensuring a secondary school place for every child to ensure that every child deserves a place.

This includes strengthening the primary school system to deliver the necessary results and putting systems in place for special needs children currently in secondary school.”

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