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Contact: Amanda-Faye Clarke


Thursday, September 10, 2009 – Minister for National Security, Senator Guy Mayers said his Ministry has adopted a different approach to the fight against crime and will continue to find alternative methods to disarm the upsurge of societal distress.


In addressing the opening of the “Family Life Bible Seminar,”  hosted by the Saint Lucia Mission of Seventh Day Adventists, minister Mayers has called for more churches to join forces and develop programmes which deal directly with crime prevention.   Such a collective approach, he said, will provide a cushion for the challenges faced by the judicial System in Saint Lucia.


“Clearly, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force cannot deter all would be criminals from committing crime. The way forward requires an overwhelming effort that will influence a free people away from idealism which is the desire for vanity, revenge and the satisfaction of lust and greed. It is evident that the Government does not have all the answers and that the circular remedies that our leaders are embarking upon, both government and other social partners are lacking a real solution for crime,” he said.


Minister Mayers says it is important that society merge academic education with Godly education, a balance he says is sure to nip disharmony on the island.  He has called on all Leaders to invest more resources to encourage change in the mindset of the Youth


“The society can only be as strong as the families that make up the society. And therefore the programme that you are putting on, starting tonight is very, very important in building stronger and better families in Saint Lucia,” the minister said. 


Minister Mayers said the church and the media has the capability to foster restoration to all by initiating tools to advance personal and national development.


The Ministry of National Security, he said, will continue to collaborate with organisations which work toward peace, security, law and order in Saint Lucia.

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