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H1N1 Media Campaign

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Tuesday,  September 1, 2009  The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in conjunction with the Ministries of Health and Agriculture and Acid Creations has launched a media campaign against the H1N1 Influenza.


The campaign, which includes one radio commercial, two public service announcements and a poster, was designed voluntarily by Acid Creations to sensitise the populace on what they can do to reduce the effects and severity of the spread of the H1N1 virus. The files can be found at


The Director of NEMO Ms. Dawn French says the campaign is timely since it is anticipated that the potential for H1N1 Influenza outbreaks will increase with the reopening of school today.


“We got in touch with Acid Creations and we developed a partnership with them which resulted in the production of one radio commercial, two video public service announcements and a poster which will be distributed throughout society so I just want to congratulate Acid Creations because they have not charged us for this. This is part of the corporate duty so it shows real patriotism on the part of the young team” said the Director of NEMO Ms Dawn French.


So far the H1N1 virus has infected twelve people in Saint Lucia but fortunately the island has confirmed no deaths.


Senior Medical officer Dr Merlene Frederick is urging citizens to continue taking steps to reduce the spread of the virus.  She says covering of coughs and frequent hand-washing are effective ways of reducing the spread of the influenza.


“The H1N1 virus is here and it is spreading, Health experts are trying their best to limit the effects and spread of the virus but there are certain things which individuals can do to protect themselves and others,” Dr Frederick added.


As students around the island go back into the class rooms for the start of the new school year, parents are asked to remain alert for any sign of flu-like illness in their child and immediately take the ward to a doctor if any flu-like symptoms are discovered.


The Ministry of Education has taken a number of steps to help prevent the spread of influenza in the school setting including frequent hand washing and frequent cleaning of hard surfaces.

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