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EU delegation conducts mid-term review of 10th EDF in Saint Lucia

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Contact: Julita Peter


Tuesday, September 22, 2009 –The Government of Saint Lucia and officials of the Delegation of the European Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean on Tuesday, September 22, undertook a Mid-Term Review of the 10th European Development Fund  (EDF) Country Strategy, agreed to in December 2008. The 10th  EDF has allocated thirty-three million EC dollars to Saint Lucia and focuses on private sector development.


While the mid-term review  is due in 2010, it was  advanced  in light of the current down turn in the global economy, which has left small economies like Saint Lucia more vulnerable to the most severe economic challenges.


“The mid-term review is seen by the headquarters as a tool to enhance policy coherence and joint programming between the EU and member states, and address where appropriate, the countries allocation based on  measurable results and performance. That’s why we are talking about governance,” said the European Commission’s Charge’d Affaires and Head of Infrastructure Section, Andre Poucet.


Mr. Pouchet said the mid-term review is a long process and did not end with the exercise on Tuesday. He added that in the short-term, countries could apply for additional funding but warns that requests would be honoured on a needs driven basis only.


Meantime, Deputy National Authorising Officer, John Calixte said 2010 will bring about major changes in the work load of the National Authorizing Office (NAO).  The NAO office, he said, will be able to focus more on improving quality, monitoring and implementation and budget support.


“Although the introduction of budget support for the tenth EDF has not been cast in stone for now, “ John said, “project funding will continue in Saint Lucia until at least the end of 2013, when the current Special Framework of Assistance (SFA) programmes will be finally completed,” he added.  


A large portion of the tenth EDF (2009-2013) will be delivered through a budget support (the placing of grant aid funds into government’s general budget, instead of being designated for specific activities or projects as was primarily the case under the previous EDF’s) in an effort to increase aid effectiveness.     


While in Saint Lucia, the EU delegation, along with government representatives, also undertook a country portfolio review of the most critical EU-funded programmes and projects.  These included the New General Hospital and the Social Development Fund. The EU is Saint Lucia’s largest grant aid donor.

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