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A clear message from world citizens to COP15

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Contact: St. Lucia National Trust

Saturday, September 26, 2009 -38 countries in 6 continents participated in the first-ever global citizen consultation: World Wide Views on Global Warming. The topic was global climate change policies and the message from the citizens to the political negotiators was clear: We do not have time to wait any longer!

In Saint Lucia the citizens spent Saturday at Spinners in Castries, where the meeting took place. The citizens answered the same questions as they did in all the other countries that participated. One of the clearest statements from all countries deals with urgency: 90% of the citizens answered that it is urgent that the political leaders reach a global agreement at COP15.

Ms. Connie Hedegaard, host of COP15 and Danish Minister of Climate and Energy, says:” World Wide Views has given us politicians a unique insight into the views of ordinary citizens from all corners of the world on the climate crisis. It is a strong signal to the politicians, when citizens all over the world agree that action is urgent. It underlines the importance of reaching an ambitious agreement in Copenhagen this December.”

Drastic Demands from Citizens to CO2 Reductions

In all types of countries, rich and poor as well as new growth economies, there is a majority in favour of a higher level of ambition regarding CO2 reductions than what you see in current political discussions.

Currently, politicians aim for short-term CO2 reductions of less than 25%, but a significant majority of the citizen participants in rich countries and growth economies say that they themselves should reduce emissions by 25-40% or more. The same tendency can be seen with regards to the questions of how much the global temperature should be allowed to increase; politicians talk about setting the limit at maximum 2 degrees Celsius. However, 52% of the citizens want to set the limit at a lower level.

World Wide Views on Global Warming is the first global citizen consultation, and the Saint Lucia National Trust organised the Saint Lucian meeting. Citizens responded to 12 questions on future climate policy, and all results, both national and global, are available on, including the recommendations of the citizens. In Saint Lucia the top recommendation to the politicians read: “Make green technology more affordable in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and educate the public on the urgency of reducing one’s carbon footprint”.

In the forthcoming weeks, the global result from the 38 citizen meetings will be further analyzed and published in a report, which will be handed over to politicians on November 19, 2009.

See all the results on
See photos and videos from the participating countries on

(Username: WWVpress, password: 269pressDown)

For any further information please contact:
Saint Lucia National Trust
Tel: 1-758- 452-5005

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