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The OECS joins region in observance of first Caribbean statistics day

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Contact: Raymond O'keiffe


Tuesday,  October 13, 2009  The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS Secretariat along with its Member States joined the region in observance of the first Caribbean Statistics Day on Thursday October 15th.


In observance of the first Caribbean Statistics day, the Secretariat reaffirmed its commitment to the statistical development of the OECS region, its further encouragement of evidence-based decision making and policy formulation, and the continued collaboration with regional and international agencies/organization towards that objective. The OECS Secretariat also announced some of its ongoing and planned statistics initiatives which are intended to contribute to the statistical development of its Member States. These initiatives include the World Bank Trust Fund financed Project for Statistical Capacity Building,“Statistical Development for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Sub-region, the OECS adaptation of DevInfo, i.e. OECSInfo, the OECS Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS) Programme, The CDB/IDB financed “OECS Technical Cooperation Project”, the establishment of an OECS Trade Policy Information System and the Harmonization of the OECS 2010 Census instrument.


Programme Officer, Sean Mathurin describes the inaugural occasion of Caribbean Statistics Day as a wonderful opportunity to further promote the relevance of Statistics to the development of the region: “In the region constant importance isn’t being placed on statistics as should be the case. What normally takes place is that importance is placed on statistics when it pertains to events such as censuses and parliamentary debates. Statistics has come to play an important role in almost every field of life and human activity, especially in this information age and we in the OECS region need to acknowledge this, particularly as the OECS moves towards an Economic Union.”


The OECS Secretariat wishes that the first Caribbean Statistics Day will inspire overwhelming success in several targeted objectives namely: to facilitate the placement of statistics high on the development agenda in countries, to encourage and develop a culture of statistics among the population – respondents from households and businesses, users in the public and private sectors and in academic and other institutions, and schools and members of the media,  to foster increased collaboration with data producing/statistical units in line ministries and other agencies and departments of governments, to sensitise and inform users, suppliers and producers of the importance of statistics in making informed policy decisions, to improve awareness of statistics at the national level and across the region and the highlighting of information on and insights into the process of production of statistics.


The promotion of the use of statistics in a wide variety of areas, increased credibility in the statistics produced, the establishment of new partnerships in the development of statistics and the receiving of investment of resources to reposition and restructure necessary statistical agencies are among other objectives being pursued.


The Secretariat noted as “apt” the adopted theme for the first Caribbean Statistics day which is: “Better Statistics, Better Management, Better Development Outcomes”.

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