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Prime Minister King speaks on language development

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Monday, October 26, 2009 – Prime Minister Stephenson King recently stated the need for the island to further develop and increase its linguistic capacity, both in regard to Kweyol and the international languages—French and Spanish—most commonly spoken.


One of the moves which the island's leader believes can be capitalized upon is Saint Lucia's historical link with the Francophone and the French language.


“When we look back and we examine history, the fact that Saint Lucia changed hands seven times to the British and seven times to the French shows there's a need for us to continue to maintain that relevance of our French history and our British history. For us being able to speak Kweyol is an advantage; being able to speak French is a requirement. I do hope the Kweyol Heritage Month will not only allow us to reflect on our history, but enable us to cherish the very unique history that we share with the French territories.


The prime minister also noted that literacy and fluency of citizens in the Kweyol language must be strengthened. He recommends that the education system provides a place for the teaching of Kweyol on the curriculum of schools in Saint Lucia.

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