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OECSInfo database to guide development and implementation of social projects within the sub-region

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Contact: Amanda-Faye Clarke


Wednesday,  November 4, 2009  The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States(OECS) Secretariat has paved the way for other regional organisations to establish a system of recording vital social and economic data.


Director General of the OECS Secretariat Dr. Len Ishmael, in launching the newly established OECS Info database this week,  says  such crucial information is crucial in the development and implementation of social projects within the sub-region.


The Secretariat she says, has solicited additional assistance from the World Bank, in formalizing the  status and operations of an OECS Research and Statistical Data Unit.


“The World Bank grant will also be used for the development of regional strategies for social sector statistics. Once adopted and appropriately adapted by the OECS member states, theses strategies will facilitate the production and compilation of a full range of statistics that are most important for the maintenance of the OECS Database,” Dr. Ishmael said.


Dr. Ishmael says the Secretariat, having attached the same importance to economic and environmental statistics, is certain that OECSInfo will ensure the region's capacity to respond to occasional shocks, such as the current global crisis,  which is expected to pose economic and social challenges for some time to come.


“The need to fashion rational, targeted responses to crises that can position us to take advantage of economic recovery when it sets in, has placed a premium on high quality, reliable, timely, relevant and official statistics to inform and ensure  the monitoring of economic and societal impacts, including statistics related to quality of life issues.”


OECSInfo was established through a collaborative effort of the OECS Secretariat and the United nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

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