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Locals stand out at FCCA Conference and Trade Show

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Monday, November 9, 2009 – Communications and Works Minister Honorable Guy Joseph, says he believes that Saint Lucia has accomplished its objectives, with the hosting of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s 16th Annual Conference and Trade show.


Mr. Joseph, who also has responsibility for the ports, says it was important for Saint Lucia to give visitors a first hand experience of what it has to offer. Mr. Joseph says the hospitality of Saint Lucians was one of things that stood out most for the FCCA participants. “One of the Ministers from one of the other islands asked the prime minister: 'what is it you put in the water consumed by the people of Saint Lucia, that makes them so friendly, because there is friendliness that you see in people that is part of their job; are they are paid to be nice?' So I think what stands out for us is that we are naturally a nice set of people. The warmth and friendliness is not a show—it's real.”


Mr. Joseph says the reviews of the just ended conference also highlighted the professionalism of local tourism personnel. He says the taxi drivers in particular must be commended.


“When I spoke to one of the commissioners from Saint Maarten, he said to me the first night he met the taxi driver, he said, 'look here, you are not going anywhere again, you are working with me till I leave.' These are our ambassadors who represent us when people come to this county, and they have done a great job in assisting us with the FCCA in marketing Saint Lucia as one of the prime destinations,” Joseph said.


Mr. Joseph says the FCCA Conference and Trade show concluded with endless opportunities being presented by conference executives, and commitments from the government of Saint Lucia.

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