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Grand opening of state-of-the art mental wellness facility scheduled for next week

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Contact: Amanda Faye Clarke


Thursday, November 5, 2009 – The Saint Lucia Government is to welcome a state-of-the art Mental Wellness Facility—the first of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean.


In addressing participants on a tour of the new institution on Wednesday, Prime Minister Honourable Stephenson King, said the Embassy of Taiwan placed great emphasis on giving the people of Saint Lucia a facility which exceeds international standards.


The Prime Minister said the Mental Wellness Facility will accommodate much more than psychiatric intervention. He said many features have been added such as a lecture auditorium, a VIP lounge and social services unit. Referring to China, the prime minister said “ It was a great gamble changing hands mid-stream with a friend who many thought was doing so much, to another friend who we had experiences with; who we felt because of their philosophy and history and principles appropriately mirrored the mission, ambition and vision of Saint Lucia.”


Prime Minister King said Saint Lucia has realised many benefits from its friendship with the people of Taiwan.


According to Mr. King, the government must be seen not merely as one which receives gifts, but one which receives and uses gifts for development.


“By the time this facility is opened, we will have in our professional stock of artisans and construction workers well-trained workers, who will be able to go out to the community and make their contribution towards building a professional society of St. Lucians.”


The Embassy of Taiwan will officially hand over the National Mental Wellness Hospital to the People of St. Lucia next week.

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