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Government moves to enhance productivity and efficiency of public servants

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Monday,  November 2, 2009  Government  is moving to improve the performance and efficiency of the public service.


In this regard, permanent secretaries and senior ministry officials are engaged in a two-day conference, which commenced today, to share ideas on how best to increase and improve  the output of the Public Service.


Public Service Minister Honourable Lenard Montoute, says the conference on “Improving Public Service Performance in the OECS in Times of Crisis”, is critical at this time, given the increase in demands on the public service.


“We are being call upon at this time to produce more with less. We also have the challenge given the economic crunch we are experiencing, to maintain the workforce while at the same time meeting increasing demands. It is therefore important that we review the way we do business in the public service, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our output and delivery of service, and in so doing,  ensure that we become more efficient in the process.”


The conference which is being supported by the World Bank, focuses on managing a sustainable wage bill for the public service,  while at the same time enhancing performance and productivity.


Minister Montoute says while stressing the importance of improving performance in the public service,  there must be the appropriate systems in place to grade the performance of public officers.


“We need to look at the appraisal system because this contributes to performance and motivation of public officers. There are several facets of the public service which has to be revised, but it is very important at this time that we break from convention and traditions, and look for new ways of doing things in an effort to improve our performance in the public sector.”


Minister Montoute says, it critical that the operations of the public service are  changed to reflect international trends and expectations.

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