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Cabinet grants concessions on importation of barrels for Christmas season

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Contact: Darnley Lebourne


Monday, November 16, 2009 The public is informed that the Cabinet of Minister has approved the granting of duty free concessions on the importation of barrels for household purposes during the Christmas season. The decision on the granting of these concessions is mandated through Cabinet Conclusion No. 1428 of November 12, 2009.


The following are the terms and conditions which apply to the importation of Christmas barrels:

  1. 100% Waiver of Import Duty and Consumption Tax on unsolicited personal items, food, clothing and toys contained in barrels imported between 15th November, 2009 and 31st January, 2009. Electronic items are explicitly excluded.
  2. The number of barrels that would qualify for the concessions would be limited to two (2) per household.
  3. There would be an upper limit of EC$1,500.00 per barrel on the value of items qualifying for the concessions.
  4. The items identified in one (1) above must be for personal use only, and not for commercial use and
  5. The usual penalties, fines, etc. would be applied if the goods are used for commercial purposes.

Members of the public are asked to take special note that the period during which these concession will apply is November 15th, 2009 to January 31st, 2010.


The granting of concessions on Christmas barrels is a gesture of goodwill by government, which is designed to bring relief during the festive season. Government hopes that the extension of these concessions this time around, will once again help to bring joy to Saint Lucian families based in our nation and in the diaspora.


Darnley Lebourne

Press Secretary

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