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Taiwan Embassy announces 2009 scholarship programmes

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Contact: Lucius Doxerie


Tuesday, March 3, 2009 – The “2009 Taiwan Scholarship Program” and “2009 ICDF Higher Education Scholarship Programs” have started accepting applications from St. Lucia. The purpose of the mentioned two scholarship programs is to enhance the educational exchanges between St. Lucia and Taiwan, and provide an opportunity for those people who would like to pursue higher education.


The “Taiwan Scholarship Program” is offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the awardees of the program will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin in Taiwan during the first year, and then apply for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Taiwan on their own. Students of “Taiwan Scholarship Program” will be required to study in Mandarin. Different from the “Taiwan Scholarship Program”, the “ICDF Scholarship Programs” contain 23 specially designed programs arranged by 16 universities in Taiwan. All courses offered by the “ICDF Scholarship Programs” will be taught in English. However, applicants from the Caribbean Region are only offered to apply for postgraduate studies and it is a precondition for an applicant to obtain his/her bachelor degree.


Taiwan’s continuing emphasis on human resources development has provided a strong foundation for its economic success. According to WTO, Taiwan is the 16th-largest country in the world in terms of trading capability, and has been one of the leading countries in hi-tech manufacturing industry. As of the end of 2007, the hi-tech revenue generated by Taiwan’s three Science Parks alone reached US$61 billion. There are 103 universities and 62 colleges in Taiwan and the higher educational institutions offer plentiful opportunities for students to study in different fields. For instance, Taiwan has been famous at developing top-quality medical, electronic engineering and information technology professionals for its well-known medical services and IT industry. In addition, Taiwan has also developed plenty of talents in different areas, such as arts, social sciences, sciences, literature, films, etc.


Please be informed that a briefing session regarding the mentioned two Scholarship Programs will be held in the St. Lucia National ICT Center (Bourbon Street at the back of the Central Library in Castries) at 3:30pm on 6th March 2009. People who are interested in the Scholarship Programmes are welcome to participate in the mentioned briefing session for further information. Please note that advance enrollment before 3:30pm on 6th of March 2009, is necessary. The contact information for enrollment is as follows:

  1. Contact point: Ms. Kerdel Paul, Tel: 452-8105 or 452-0406


The applicants, who would like to apply for the Taiwan Scholarship Programme have to deliver their application documents, including a completed application form, a copy of secondary school or higher education certificate and transcript, and two reference letters, to Ms. Kerdel Paul of the Embassy or Ms. Anselma Calderon (Tel: 468-4177) of Ministry of Public Services by 28 March 2009. However, the application deadline for each program of “ICDF Scholarship” is various, and it is necessary to request detailed information. Please check the following websites for further information of the mentioned Scholarship Programs and the information of studying in Taiwan:

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