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LUCELEC signs on to pilot solar power project

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Contact: Roger Joseph-LUCELEC


Friday,  March 20, 2009 –  LUCELEC and Solar St. Lucia Limited have joined forces on a pilot project to facilitate the introduction of grid-tied small photovoltaic (PV) systems.


Representatives of the two companies have signed off formally on the agreement that will govern the pilot project.   The main aim of the pilot project is to allow LUCELEC to assess various issues surrounding the operation of the photovoltaic systems on the grid, including safety, power quality, protection, interconnection and metering.


LUCELEC has been working with Solar St. Lucia Limited (SOLLUCIA) for almost a year to get this project going.  According to LUCELEC’s Business Development Manager, Victor Emmanuel, the systems range in size from 1 kilowatt (kW) to 10kW and are targeted at the residential customer who wants to use solar energy to generate part of his electricity needs.


“The benefit of being tied to the grid is that costly storage batteries are not needed.  During periods of sunshine the power that is produced in excess of the customer’s needs will, in effect, be stored on the LUCELEC grid for use during the night when the photovoltaic system is not producing,” he added.


Under the agreement, Solar St. Lucia Limited will provide and set up the PV systems at up to ten locations around the island, while LUCELEC will facilitate the connections to the grid and monitor and record the operational data.  The pilot project is expected to end mid-August.


Roger Joseph
Corporate Communications Manager
St. Lucia Electricity Service Ltd.

John Compton Highway

P. O. Box 230

Saint Lucia

Tel: 758-457-4406

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