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Government seeks to ensure sustainable development in relation to coastal resources

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Contact: Adhara King


Thursday,  March 5, 2009 –  The Ministry of Physical Development and the Environment has partnered with a number of stakeholders to ensure sustainable development in relation to coastal resources.


The Coastal Habitat Mapping Project is intended to create the basis for more informed planning, development and management decision making in respect of Saint Lucia’s coastline, by collecting baseline date for coastal habitats and resources.


Coordinator of the Coastal Zone Management Unit, Laverne Walker said, “Saint Lucia more so than other Caribbean islands because of our topography—we're very steep—most of our activities occur along our coastal areas, and that means if there are activities, there is pressure on the existing coastal habitats—our coral reefs, beaches, mangroves and sea grass beds. They are important for fishing, recreation, scuba diving and other activities—particularly for tourism purposes.”


Partnership, Walker said, is extremely important in this venture in order to meet the demands of the various sectors involved.


Thus, the involvement of all government agencies as well as international partners seek to address the diverse needs for the application of the data collected.


“In order to ensure that we develop in a manner that is sustainable, we need information to guide us with our development. So as a result of that, it is necessary for us to undertake this project so that we can get baseline data on the health or the status of a lot of our existing resources, and as a result of that, when we are looking at how to move forward in those areas, we can determine the impact of certain types of development on those resources or on these habitats,” Walker said.


The coastal habitat mapping project is being executed by the Banana Industry Trust with funding from the European Union.

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