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Esperance-a blueprint for future similar activities

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Contact: Adhara King


Friday,  March 13, 2009 –  Esperance, a recent artistic production on Saint Lucia’s historic journey is being lauded as a resounding success which should be used as a blueprint for future activities of a similar nature.


Chairperson of the Independence Organizing Committee, Senator the Honourable Tessa Mangal, says the production is an indication of the level of creativity found on island.


“I think that what the production did, is to sensitize Saint Lucians, raise their level of awareness, give them that opportunity to go back and think of what we actually went through. The journey that we have travelled, what we have achieved thus far, and what there is to achieve; what it is our young people, our children, the future of this country can do, and what we can produce as a nation,” said Mangal


The producer of the event, Adrian Augier said the creativity of the process is most enjoyable for him and his team.


Creating something from nothing, Augier said, is the essence of what is Saint Lucian.


“So Esperance is the hope, she is what moves us forward. If you noticed, when she presented the panorama of Saint Lucian culture—that's bright, it’s bold—you had your cheval bois, stilt walkers, pi banan, and carnivalists costumes as well. All of those things—the music, the dance, the culture—  moves us forward; it's what lifts us up as a people,” said Augier.


Augier made a plea for the collaboration of government and the private sector in ensuring that artistic productions like Esperance are showcased on a more regular basis.


There is an abundance of talent and resources, Augier says, but Saint Lucians have lost sight of how excellent they can be.

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