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Constitutional Reform Commission reports successful day of presentations

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 The Constitutional Reform Commission held its first day of public consultations at the National Insurance Corporation's Conference Centre on Tuesday, 17 March, 2009. A number of organisations and concerned citizens including Helpage, S.L.H.T.A, Cornerstone, AIDS Action Foundation, Mr. Henry Mangal, Mr. Claude Guilluame and MEND, among others made presentations to the Commission and members of the public, and identified ways in which the present Constitution could be improved to the benefit of all Saint Lucians.

The presentations were well thought out, lively and substantive and the audience was fully engaged in the questions and answers sessions which followed. The suggestions for change ranged from basically keeping the existing system with some modifications, to more radical ones of dramatically altering the composition of the House of Assembly and the Senate; others sought to put more emphasis on the social cohesion of the society in terms of our responsibility towards each other. Everyone thought that the present Constitution did not reflect present-day realities.

The presentations continue on Thursday, 19 March (3.00 pm to 900pm) and Friday, 20 March (10.00 am to 3.00pm), at the NIC's Conference Centre, 5th Floor, Government Buildings, Waterfront
Members of the public are invited to attend. Copies of the presentations are available to the Press.

The Commission is located at Poinsettia Road, Vigie, Castries, Tel No: (758) 453 2662, Fax No: (758) 452 7450, email: 


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