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Environment Minister calls for multi-sectoral approach to climate change

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Contact: Julita Peter


Wednesday, June 10, 2009 – Environment Minister Honourable Richard Frederick is calling for a multi-sectoral approach to addressing the problems brought about by climate change.  Mr. Frederick said despite government’s effort to mitigate against climate change over the years, the role of individuals and communities is paramount.


“It has been recognized that by maintaining a healthy environment, we will be better able to withstand the perils of climate change. Therefore at the individual level this means reinforcing positive environmental habits, such as preserving our trees and other vegetative cover. These actions may seem insignificant in the grand scheme, but we only have to remember the old saying that water—one drop at a time—will eventually fill the bucket,” he said in a national address to mark World Environment Day on June 05.


Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, governments around the world are attempting to formulate a common approach to the climate change problem. There is great expectation that at the 15th meeting of the parties to the convention, in Denmark later this year,   participants will agree on emission reductions from 2012 onwards.


“Saint Lucia as a member of the Alliance of Small Island States, is actively involved in these crucial negotiations. In this respect, we are adding our voice to the call for the developed countries to take on the lead in emission reductions and to support us in our mitigation efforts,” he added.     


Climate Change is accepted as the gravest environmental issue facing mankind. World Environment Day this year was held under the theme “Your planet needs you: unite against climate change”.

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